Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Bother With Web Page Design Standards?

New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild Presents:
Why Bother With Web Page Design Standards?
With Guest Speaker Bud Kraus

Thursday, March 20 | 7:00-9:00 PM
Pratt Institute | Manhattan Campus
144 West 14th Street
Room 213

Advance Registration Fees: Graphic Artists Guild Members $20 | Non-Graphic Artists Guild members $35
Student Graphic Artists Guild members $5 | Student non-Graphic Artists Guild members and seniors $10

Have you noticed that web sites are looking - and working - better than ever these days? Why is that?

Site managers and designers have turned to the use of web page design standards. They've come to see that best site design management, search engine optimization, user experience and ROI are all held together with one idea: web page design standards.

Are you still designing web sites like it was the Wild West without law and order? Do you think that rules are barriers to creating great design? Are your designs looking dated but you don't know why?

Join Bud Kraus, Web Design Instructor and Consultant as he makes the case for why web design standards are changing the face of the web and why you should be turning to them as well. He'll discuss:

• The Evolution Of Web Design
• What Are Web Page Design Standards
• Why Are Businesses And Organizations Embracing Standards?
• Examples Of Sites Using Design Standards
• Some Ideas About Re-making Your Site Using Standards

About Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus, is in the web design training and consulting business. He is a promoter and practitioner of web page design standards. He is the creator and instructor of the online workshop, Joy Of Code: Introduction To XHTML and CSS. His workshop is also taught at Pratt Institute since 2000 and is now also taught online in the SUNY Learning Network.

Besides his training service and knowledge of information design, Bud has worked in many capacities in the field of web site development and design. He was online communications producer for WNYE, formerly New York City's Department Of Education's Broadcast Facility. He is currently engaged on a top secret project as web producer where he has written the RFP and is in process of selecting a top design studio to design and produce a new site for a new organization.

From webmaster to site developer Bud always brings his user-centric approach to every Project he undertakes.

Because of this knowledge in web design standards and quality control Bud launched Code Aid - A Rescue Service For Ailing Web Pages. Using a variety of analytic tolls with his skills he optimizes web templates, pages and sites, for site owners and designers, to conform to web design standards.

Bud doesn't make web sites. He makes them better.

He is a frequent lecture to businesses and organizations and has presented other talks for our Chapter.


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