Friday, September 26, 2008

Save Copyright Law!

Senate is hotlining the Orphan Works Bill!

Take Action!
Contact your Senators today and tell them to vote NO!

We need you to contact your Senator immediately to oppose S. 2913.

Word from Senator Leahy's office today that Senators Leahy and Hatch are pushing the Senate to hotline S.2913, "The Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008" today or this weekend! There is a possibility that Leahy's Orphan Works bill may be tacked onto another economic bill related to current events and quickly passed first by the Senate and then by the House.

Senator Leahy has just released an amendment to his bill, but the amendment still does not include the Notice of Use (NOU) nor an archive of NOU filings. Without the Notice of Use provision, the Graphic Artists Guild continues to oppose the Senate Orphan Works bill, S. 2913
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Courtesy of the Graphic Artists Guild & Caricatures NY by Dale Gladstone

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

digital Wedding Caricatures NY '08

I've booked 4 wedding caricatures gigs so far for 2008, tying my record from last year. Prior to 2007, I don't think I had done 4 weddings in 20 years. Funny thing is, my 1st 2 of '08 happened just 2 weeks ago less than 24 hours apart. Lots of your bridal shower, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner & wedding reception guests would like to take home a caricature drawn by Dale Gladstone. Don't wait until it's too late to book the best caricaturist in the world for your special day. Visit my website today to see endless samples as well as all the other info you need to know why Dale is the caricature artist you want for the next gift, party, event or trade show you're planning.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get your caricature by Dale.

I will be drawing digital caricatures in person for Gardiner Day on 9/13 noon-3pm Ulster Co. Savings 2201 Rt. 44/55 Gardiner, NY 12525. There may be a donation required.