Monday, June 15, 2009

ALL Dale's digital caricatures are drawn by hand

"Do you shoot a picture of the person and incorporate that into your computer is that how you generate the caricatures?"

There are absolutely no cameras involved in my party caricatures work. The computer does not do the caricature drawing for me. My hand, eyes & brain do all the work as much as any Caricature artist does. My PC is strictly nothing more than a tool. I hold a special plastic pen in my hand, physically draw on the laptop screen & print the drawings on a high-quality printer. This YouTube link shows exactly how I work.

Please browse my caricature portfolio. The samples you find on my Caricature page do not represent what I draw at trade shows, parties & events, but it's great for VIP gifts. The art you see on my Party Caricatures page DO represent what I draw at trade shows, parties & events. Don't wait 'til it's too late to hire me, the best caricaturist, for your next event. Now it's time I get serious about networking...
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Have a great summer!