Friday, August 29, 2008

Look at MY caricatures before hiring me...

It is erroneous to say a caricature is a caricature is a caricature. I was just hired by some bankers after some of the many other satisfied customers of mine in their office recommended me. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, someone showed them only a sample of another artist's work, art that looks nothing like mine. Despite providing them with my website address and a sample of my work on the invoice they signed, the client is very unhappy to see the disparity in styles between my caricatures and the drawing they saw before. I was only given a week to draw 9 people. I'm pretty sure the other caricaturist they formed their expectations on was not so rushed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Digital Caricatures NY for trade shows, parties & all events

To the best of my knowledge, since 2004, I have been the 1st & only full-time digital party CARICATURE artist. There are very few other caricaturists anywhere in the world doing anything similar to what I do. Almost none of them compare notes with me. Any who do tell me they do very few of their events digital. I do all of my events digitally. I have far more skill & experience than anyone else at doing hand-rendered digital event caricature drawings. I'm still waiting for anyone to tell me they're doing anything comparable. I would occasionally be able to get them some work if they do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caricatures LIVE NY 8/13/08

Dale Gladstone, (917) 443-8787 ( ) Dale is not sure tickets are still available, but he'll be drawing caricatures in person here: Wednesday, August 13 The 2008 Summer Gala with the Stars and Players Party The Boat House in Central Park, 6:30 PM-11:00 PM To benefit NYJTL and the Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS & other New York City area AIDS charities; Admission is $175 per person. The evening includes dinner, dancing and open bar.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caricatures NY, NJ, CT, PA, NV, IL, CA, DC

caricature of Frank Sinatra Atlantic City, NJ
caricature of Luciano Pavoratti Rome, Italy

caricature of Donald Trump Atlantic City, NJ
To see any of these party caricature pictures blown up, simply click on what you wish to see one at a time.
caricature of John Kerry, boston, MA
caricature of Ray Charles Atlanta, GA

caricature of George W. Bush, Houston, TX
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caricature of Woody Allen New York, NY



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stubble Gladstone caricatures ny
tie braids caricatures nyc

tie Gladstone caricatures new york

tan Gladstone ny caricatures
New York caricatures NY
widows peak New York caricature

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MORE NY Caricature testimonials for Dale Gladstone

"Thanks, Dale. You truly are five-star." *****

- July 29, 2008 Marilyn Trumfio, Director of Brokerage Services
Murray Hill Properties, NY, NY

"Thank you again for a wonderful event! You were fantastic." *****
- July 29, 2008 Lauren Grosz, Development Manager/ Special Events
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Latest Caricatures Testimonial

Dale was a big hit at my daughter's 11th birthday! The kids loved him and he made each caricature unique and each child feel special! Each one brought their drawing home with pride and couldn't wait to show their parents. A nice treat and a momento for a lifetime. A great idea for a New York party! *****

- Tanya Martinez Snyder, Aug 4, 2008