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Friday, March 28, 2008

NY Aviation Caricatures by Dale Gladstone

ny caricature with stearman biplane bobOne of my favorite subjects to draw is aircraft. Here is one of the airplane backrounds I have drawn so far & can offer to use in your caricature drawings if you wish. I plan to add more soon.

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Meanwhile, I’m passing on some info from a buddy: For those that have never heard of it....Sky Park Airport is a 40+ yr old airport located in Red Hook, NY. For all intents and purposes, it is closed. No one should land there unless they have Tundra tires. Its basically abandoned but is kept open with the minimum requirements satisfied by the FAA to keep it "legal." At this point, you have to call 3 hrs in advance to land. I would assume its for the owner to drive by and make sure the runway still exists. Anyway...the owners have been trying to sell it for a while now. while I truly believe that their best intentions are to sell it and keep the existing airport, we all know how that goes. Any developer with a lump of cash will most likely rip it up and build homes. However, as of now...nobody has stepped up. I am only sending this out as "information." You never know what pilot out there may be sitting on a large amt of money with the intentions of doing something with it for aviation. Who knows.....

Here’s the details: Contact Mike Zucco for more info. Mike is a good guy that is an AOPA, Airport Support Network Volunteer. He is helping/hoping it goes to the right place/ower (a pilot) and the airport is preserved.

This airport used to be the best way to get to the Rhinebeck Airshow. They used to have a shuttle back and forth. Very close. Now, you have to fly to Kingston and cab (30 bucks) to get there. Not worth it.

Anyway....pass it on.

ps - Sky Acres is also for sale. FYI

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Value Added NY Caricatures by Dale Gladstone

More often I need to tell people I can add some very cool extra features to the caricature drawings I do at trade shows, parties & corporate events. This can be very nice for private events but even more valuable for events that are sponsored or otherwise business related. What I'm talking about is I can put logos, lettering, product placements and or custom backgrounds on every drawing I do for you. If you hire me for a fundraiser I can put something in every drawing to promote the sponsor and/or print their advertising on the back of my caricatures & frames. The same thing can be done for any other trade show or corporate event. Also, for private functions, you can have "Congratulations Joe & Gina" or whatever, a theme background, anything you want for every caricature. Additional charges may apply.

Friday, March 14, 2008

NY Caricatures Testimonials for Dale Gladstone


"Dale Gladstone came to my husband's 50th Birthday party to draw caricatures of our guests.
It was really fun entertainment for both the adults and the kids as everyone could look on as Dale drew each person or couple. (We had many options from which to choose and we all were very pleased with the results) All of my guests said that they loved the idea and that is was the best party favor that they have ever had.
People who have seen the
caricatures in the homes of our guests have asked them who did the drawings and commented as to how good they were and what a great idea for the 50th Birthday party.
Thank you
Dale, everyone is still telling me how much fun it was and how they are still enjoying the caricatures. " *****
- Mar 14, 2008 Cindy from South Jersey

"Great work, great prices." *****
- Mar 14, 2008 HM from Syosset, NY

Dale is a great caricaturist. He is very focused on his drawings which makes it both enjoyable and comfortable to sit for. His drawings reflect the individual in just about 5 minutes. We are grateful that he agreed to be a part of our school fundraiser and donate half of his proceeds to the school. Thanks Dale and we hope to work with you again next year!" *****
- Mar 14, 2008 E Hong, NY, NY

- Mar 14, 2008 Chris G Alevras, Esq, NJ

"Talented artist! Nice guy. Dale drew caricatures for all the guests at my 50th birthday party, and everyone enjoyed him." *****
- Mar 14, 2008 DJY, Westchester

"Dale was our
caricaturist at our holiday party last December. Although it was a stormy night and all means of transportation was backed up, he arrived with plenty of time to set-up his sophisticated equipment, professionally dressed and ready to work. He asked each subject a question and drew that person with that subject in mind, (EG--I'm a Mets fan so my caricature has on a Mets uniform). The picture was very detailed and the end result was a colorful rendition of each guest. His depictions veer toward the flattering aspect of caricaturism so everyone was happy and flaws were not exaggerated.
" ****
- Mar 14, 2008 Guest99292


"My best decision ever!:
We asked Dale to use his artistic talents at a Communion Party and I must say that everyone enjoyed it very much. It kept all the kids occupied. The best was that everyone got to take something home with them from the event. I would use his service again in the future." *****
Jun 20, 2007 Lori from Smithtown, New York

"Notably good service experience:
I hired the best, you. Thank you for helping us celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah.
I will always recommend you. Thank you again.
" *****
- Apr 15, 2007 Seth from Plainview, NY

"Notably good service experience:
Dale Gladstone is a very pleasant, talented and insightful caricature artist. Guests at our event loved him! Glad we hired him! I'd do it again and have already
recommended him to friends and business associates.
" *****
- Mar 28, 2007 Leslie from Armonk, NY

"The caricatures were creative and entertaining:
My Long Island guests were thrilled. Dale Gladstone was personable and therefore
able to tailor the
caricatures to the subject's personality. My son was thrilled
with his "race car" caricature. My event on Long Island, New York was wonderful
and every guest was happy to go home with a caricature keepsake
." *****
- Mar 28, 2007 CL from Oceanside, NY


Dale is wonderful! He has a fantastic talent. I always recommend him to
my clients." *****
- Dec 15, 2006 Harry Mandel, magician, Long Island

"Consistent quality and professionalism:
Top quality
caricatures from an artist who is sensitive to his clients' requests
and exceeds their expectations. We have used
Dale Gladstone for two parties and three projects and are thrilled with his creativity and work. He always completes work on a timely basis." *****
- Oct 21, 2006 Estela, New York, NY

caricatures ever!
Dale Gladstone was able to capture the little characteristics that made each
person unique, and showed these details through his artistic work."
- Nov 14, 2006 Tanya, Brooklyn, NY

"The best decision I ever made!
Dale did a great job at our party. Everyone wanted to get one of his caricatures.
Our party was located within 10 miles of New York, NY. We plan to have him at
more party events. I would recommend him for things such as trade shows. He was
professional in dealing with individuals and designed a great backdrop to go with
our party's pirate theme. I would highly recommend his services.
" *****
- Nov 3, 2006 Maria, Ernst & Young, Hackensack, NJ

"Excellent caricaturist with an uncanny ability
to capture his subject's persona.
Dale Gladstone was hired to create caricatures at a big political celebration in Westchester, New York. People there were very happy with his work. He is an experienced, reliable professional with many years of seasoning to his credit. His artistry is really on target. I took a chance and it came out real well!" *****
- Oct 5, 2006 Barry from Armonk, NY

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Bother With Web Page Design Standards?

New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild Presents:
Why Bother With Web Page Design Standards?
With Guest Speaker Bud Kraus

Thursday, March 20 | 7:00-9:00 PM
Pratt Institute | Manhattan Campus
144 West 14th Street
Room 213

Advance Registration Fees: Graphic Artists Guild Members $20 | Non-Graphic Artists Guild members $35
Student Graphic Artists Guild members $5 | Student non-Graphic Artists Guild members and seniors $10

Have you noticed that web sites are looking - and working - better than ever these days? Why is that?

Site managers and designers have turned to the use of web page design standards. They've come to see that best site design management, search engine optimization, user experience and ROI are all held together with one idea: web page design standards.

Are you still designing web sites like it was the Wild West without law and order? Do you think that rules are barriers to creating great design? Are your designs looking dated but you don't know why?

Join Bud Kraus, Web Design Instructor and Consultant as he makes the case for why web design standards are changing the face of the web and why you should be turning to them as well. He'll discuss:

• The Evolution Of Web Design
• What Are Web Page Design Standards
• Why Are Businesses And Organizations Embracing Standards?
• Examples Of Sites Using Design Standards
• Some Ideas About Re-making Your Site Using Standards

About Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus, is in the web design training and consulting business. He is a promoter and practitioner of web page design standards. He is the creator and instructor of the online workshop, Joy Of Code: Introduction To XHTML and CSS. His workshop is also taught at Pratt Institute since 2000 and is now also taught online in the SUNY Learning Network.

Besides his training service and knowledge of information design, Bud has worked in many capacities in the field of web site development and design. He was online communications producer for WNYE, formerly New York City's Department Of Education's Broadcast Facility. He is currently engaged on a top secret project as web producer where he has written the RFP and is in process of selecting a top design studio to design and produce a new site for a new organization.

From webmaster to site developer Bud always brings his user-centric approach to every Project he undertakes.

Because of this knowledge in web design standards and quality control Bud launched Code Aid - A Rescue Service For Ailing Web Pages. Using a variety of analytic tolls with his skills he optimizes web templates, pages and sites, for site owners and designers, to conform to web design standards.

Bud doesn't make web sites. He makes them better.

He is a frequent lecture to businesses and organizations and has presented other talks for our Chapter.


Register by phone: 212.791.3400 x11 For more info:

Tamara Hall
Graphic Artists Guild of New York
32 Broadway, Ste.# 1114
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212-791-3400 x11
Fax: 212-791-0333

Monday, March 10, 2008



(subject to change. There are 3 hour minimums for most locations and times of year.)

Black & White Caricatures ...12 people/hr. .....$120.oo/hr.
Color Caricatures .................10 people/hr. ...$130.oo/hr.
Frames ............................................................$20.oo/hr. extra
clear bags ..........................................................$5.oo/hr. extra
CD-Roms ..........................................................$50.oo/each
Projector ..........................................................$20.oo/hr. extra
Screen...............................................................$20.oo/hr. extra
Video hook-up ..................................................$20.oo/hr. extra

The prices above are for hand-rendered digital caricature drawings on 8.5"x11" glossy photo paper.

I've often been told by my colleagues that my party caricatures prices are too low, but almost none of them actually advertise their prices (reason #1 why I trust them very little). In this economy, I doubt they're really keeping busy at higher prices. Meanwhile, I offer valuable options no one else does & usually earn more per hour than my peers because my customers often want some of the extras I'm selling. The most established old guy in this biz I know once told me he thought my menu of options & prices was too complex for customers. He thinks we should charge the same price all the time no matter what. A lot of my peers can't understand why I charge more for color caricatures than for black & white. I can't understand why they don't, can you? I'd like to agree that we should raise our prices just because rent, energy & groceries keep going up, but the real world doesn't always react well to such policies. People asked to pay more want to get more in return. That's the deal I offer & it works.

NY CARICATURES video Dale Gladstone 2006

Video of New York's Best CARICATURES
Camera, Editing & Titles
Dale M. Gladstone
This is the very first video I've shown on

Sunday, March 9, 2008

NY Caricatures Sponsorship/Affiliation with Dale Gladstone

I use the Alias Sketchbook Pro software application to draw caricatures of thousands of upper income people every year at parties & tradeshows on a laptop Tablet PC and a portable 8.5" X 11" photo printer. My work draws tremendous attention and everywhere I go, lots of people always ask what hardware, software and paper I'm using. Kids AND adults are always saying, "I gotta get one of those..." I'm already generating sales for your several companies with no thanks in return. I could generate a lot more and here's how: I'd like to discuss the sponsorship/affiliation program I'm starting for my business. I can print advertising for you on the back of every drawing I do for thousands of people every year, have your brochures, business cards and/or coupons on my table, use software, paper, ink, or hardware made by a sponsor, put you on my website, my business cards, my emails, my phone ringer that all callers hear, my voicemail greeting... etc.
Dale Gladstone
917 443-8787

P.S. I thought your company also might have use of these services at trade shows or other events. I started using Sketchbook Pro in 2004 when I was hired by Intel to demo a Centrino Tablet PC using Sketchbook Pro for 4 days at Digital Life in NYC at the Javittz Center. I am far and away the best digital trade show & event caricaturist you've ever seen in New York or any place else in the world. My caricature art is awesome, my rates are reasonable, my speed is amazing and my reliability is unmatched. All drawings are printed out right away on 8.5" X 11" glossy photo paper from a wireless portable photo printer. Custom, reusable backgrounds with or without client logos can be prepared in advance and printed on every drawing if requested. I can even project my caricatures or display them live with any kind of video equipment to create an unbelievable, spectacularly amusing presentation like you've never seen before. My caricature drawings draw a huge crowd & are something they'll talk about for years. If people need extra prints of their drawings, I can make them instantly. Group pictures of any number can be put together in remarkably little time. After I'm finished drawing everyone, I can give you copies of every cartoon portrait I did at your event on a CD. Check out my website to see lots of samples, prices, options, info, FAQs, I even have a cool little video about how I draw the best caricatures on Earth. I'm the only guy doing this full time in the entire US and probably better than anyone else doing anything like this in the world. For more information about & samples of what I do, please visit these web pages:

You really want to consider all the great options he offers.
917 443-8787
PS- If you're having trouble finding the website or wish to print out some info about my party caricature work, try using the links below:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NY Caricatures for St. Patrick's parties by Dale Gladstone

Remember to hire me to draw caricatures at your St. Patty's day party this year

Saturday, March 1, 2008

3/6/08 NY Caricatures Dale Gladstone LIVE

I'll be drawing caricatures live in person ($10.oo/head for black & white, $12.oo/head for color) at a public event from noon to 4pm Thursday, March 6th at a book fair/bake sale to raise money for the International Preschool (50% of my proceeds from this event go to the school) at 28 East 35th Street New York, NY (between Park and Madison Aves). The event will be held on the first floor of the school. It's rare I get to do caricature drawings at public events instead of private ones. So, if you want an affordable opportunity to see and/or get a sample of my caricatures, don't miss out.