Friday, March 28, 2008

NY Aviation Caricatures by Dale Gladstone

ny caricature with stearman biplane bobOne of my favorite subjects to draw is aircraft. Here is one of the airplane backrounds I have drawn so far & can offer to use in your caricature drawings if you wish. I plan to add more soon.

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Meanwhile, I’m passing on some info from a buddy: For those that have never heard of it....Sky Park Airport is a 40+ yr old airport located in Red Hook, NY. For all intents and purposes, it is closed. No one should land there unless they have Tundra tires. Its basically abandoned but is kept open with the minimum requirements satisfied by the FAA to keep it "legal." At this point, you have to call 3 hrs in advance to land. I would assume its for the owner to drive by and make sure the runway still exists. Anyway...the owners have been trying to sell it for a while now. while I truly believe that their best intentions are to sell it and keep the existing airport, we all know how that goes. Any developer with a lump of cash will most likely rip it up and build homes. However, as of now...nobody has stepped up. I am only sending this out as "information." You never know what pilot out there may be sitting on a large amt of money with the intentions of doing something with it for aviation. Who knows.....

Here’s the details: Contact Mike Zucco for more info. Mike is a good guy that is an AOPA, Airport Support Network Volunteer. He is helping/hoping it goes to the right place/ower (a pilot) and the airport is preserved.

This airport used to be the best way to get to the Rhinebeck Airshow. They used to have a shuttle back and forth. Very close. Now, you have to fly to Kingston and cab (30 bucks) to get there. Not worth it.

Anyway....pass it on.

ps - Sky Acres is also for sale. FYI

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