Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Airplane Caricatures NY by Dale Gladstone

I finally got around to posting 2 samples of my caricatures with aviation backgrounds on my website. Anyway, I have a number of different re-usable backgrounds for my caricature drawings available whenever someone happens to ask for one of those backgrounds. If they ask for something I don't already have in advance, I just draw it then, of course. Meanwhile, I've been wanting to prepare a bunch of aviation caricature backgrounds for a while now because I love airplanes. I did one in 2006 for an annual fundraiser I do on the USS Intrepid. I drew a Douglas Dauntless SBD (single engine WWII US Navy dive bomber) flying above the Intrepid. I love the contours of the Dauntless' blended wing. I also admire the historically pivotal results they achieved at the battle of Midway. More recently, I thought the next aviation caricature background I should do would be a colorful, fun, nostalgic Stearman Biplane. So, I did. Soon I hope to do jets, racing planes and fighters. As for other subjects, I also have backgrounds for horseback riding, golfers, firefighters, train engineers, pirates, New Yorkers, Basketball, beach bums, swimmers, sports car & race car drivers and yacht passengers. So far, I haven't gotten around to showing many of these backgrounds on my website, but I rushed the aviation images up for my enthusiasm on that subject.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

NY CARICATURES mystery revealed!

The secret is no more! I previously blogged how last week I was scheduled to be a guest speaker at a school in Brooklyn. It went well, it's over so now I can talk about it. The Yeshiva of Flatbush (try singing that doo-wop style) has a thing every year where they invite 3 guest speakers to appear before a large audience of students. Today, I was one of them. The whole thing is like the old TV show, "What's My Line." A panel of people ask us questions trying to figure out what we do for a living. The first guy was an air traffic controller. No one guessed it right. The 2nd person was an FBI agent. Somehow they figured her out after 2 questions. Maybe undercover work isn't for her. Then there was me. Hints given were that I watch people very carefully and see people very differently. I didn't make those up, the M.C. did. I was surprised no one guessed I was a musician (most everywhere I go that's the assumption) but the hint mislead people to think I did security work. Ultimately, no one came close to guessing my profession of a caricaturist. By the way, other funny guesses they made were they asked if I was a forensic scientist or if my work had anything to do with dead people. The closest they came to guessing correctly about my occupation was asking if I worked with advertising. Then they lost their way again asking if I worked with hair or clothing design. I suppose that was flattering but I really didn't look good enough to fit those professions. When the guessing was over, I drew a caricature of a popular teacher, projected live from start to finish on a big screen. It all went well. I'm just glad now I can finally reveal the whole truth.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NY Wedding Caricatures

digital gift caricature of bride & groom for New York Wedding from photosLast year I drew caricatures at 4 weddings. In my previous 19 years making my living in this business, I don't think I did that many weddings all together, but why not? It's a great idea for receptions, bridal showers, bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners... etc. Caricatures, they're not just for Bar Mitzvahs anymore. By the way, I'm already booked to do caricatures for 3 weddings this year so far, so there's a good chance of beating my record.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

School Caricatures NYC

Next week I'll be a guest speaker at a school in Brooklyn. I'm not at liberty to say anything more about it until afterwards.

Monday, February 11, 2008

NY CARICATURES by Dale Gladstone

Dale Gladstone (917) 443-8787 is by far the best trade show, private party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, picnic, barbeque & corporate event caricature artist you'll ever hope to find in New York City, Long Island, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Paris, London, UK, Vienna, Toronto or anywhere else. His results & options are unparalleled, his prices are fair, his speed is hard to beat & his dependability is top rate. Dale's caricatures can even be projected or displayed live with any kind of video system to create an unforgettable, entertaining spectacle the likes of which you've probably never seen. His caricature art draws a terrific crowd & is something they'll be talking about for the rest of their lives. If anyone needs extra copies of one of Dale's drawings, they can be made immediately. Group drawings of practically any number can be composed in surprisingly short order. At the end of the event, you can even have copies of all the caricature drawings Dale did at your event on a CD-Rom. Contact Dale Gladstone for prices, options, lots of samples, info, even video about the best caricaturist in the world.