Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Airplane Caricatures NY by Dale Gladstone

I finally got around to posting 2 samples of my caricatures with aviation backgrounds on my website. Anyway, I have a number of different re-usable backgrounds for my caricature drawings available whenever someone happens to ask for one of those backgrounds. If they ask for something I don't already have in advance, I just draw it then, of course. Meanwhile, I've been wanting to prepare a bunch of aviation caricature backgrounds for a while now because I love airplanes. I did one in 2006 for an annual fundraiser I do on the USS Intrepid. I drew a Douglas Dauntless SBD (single engine WWII US Navy dive bomber) flying above the Intrepid. I love the contours of the Dauntless' blended wing. I also admire the historically pivotal results they achieved at the battle of Midway. More recently, I thought the next aviation caricature background I should do would be a colorful, fun, nostalgic Stearman Biplane. So, I did. Soon I hope to do jets, racing planes and fighters. As for other subjects, I also have backgrounds for horseback riding, golfers, firefighters, train engineers, pirates, New Yorkers, Basketball, beach bums, swimmers, sports car & race car drivers and yacht passengers. So far, I haven't gotten around to showing many of these backgrounds on my website, but I rushed the aviation images up for my enthusiasm on that subject.

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