Sunday, February 24, 2008

NY CARICATURES mystery revealed!

The secret is no more! I previously blogged how last week I was scheduled to be a guest speaker at a school in Brooklyn. It went well, it's over so now I can talk about it. The Yeshiva of Flatbush (try singing that doo-wop style) has a thing every year where they invite 3 guest speakers to appear before a large audience of students. Today, I was one of them. The whole thing is like the old TV show, "What's My Line." A panel of people ask us questions trying to figure out what we do for a living. The first guy was an air traffic controller. No one guessed it right. The 2nd person was an FBI agent. Somehow they figured her out after 2 questions. Maybe undercover work isn't for her. Then there was me. Hints given were that I watch people very carefully and see people very differently. I didn't make those up, the M.C. did. I was surprised no one guessed I was a musician (most everywhere I go that's the assumption) but the hint mislead people to think I did security work. Ultimately, no one came close to guessing my profession of a caricaturist. By the way, other funny guesses they made were they asked if I was a forensic scientist or if my work had anything to do with dead people. The closest they came to guessing correctly about my occupation was asking if I worked with advertising. Then they lost their way again asking if I worked with hair or clothing design. I suppose that was flattering but I really didn't look good enough to fit those professions. When the guessing was over, I drew a caricature of a popular teacher, projected live from start to finish on a big screen. It all went well. I'm just glad now I can finally reveal the whole truth.

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