Sunday, March 9, 2008

NY Caricatures Sponsorship/Affiliation with Dale Gladstone

I use the Alias Sketchbook Pro software application to draw caricatures of thousands of upper income people every year at parties & tradeshows on a laptop Tablet PC and a portable 8.5" X 11" photo printer. My work draws tremendous attention and everywhere I go, lots of people always ask what hardware, software and paper I'm using. Kids AND adults are always saying, "I gotta get one of those..." I'm already generating sales for your several companies with no thanks in return. I could generate a lot more and here's how: I'd like to discuss the sponsorship/affiliation program I'm starting for my business. I can print advertising for you on the back of every drawing I do for thousands of people every year, have your brochures, business cards and/or coupons on my table, use software, paper, ink, or hardware made by a sponsor, put you on my website, my business cards, my emails, my phone ringer that all callers hear, my voicemail greeting... etc.
Dale Gladstone
917 443-8787

P.S. I thought your company also might have use of these services at trade shows or other events. I started using Sketchbook Pro in 2004 when I was hired by Intel to demo a Centrino Tablet PC using Sketchbook Pro for 4 days at Digital Life in NYC at the Javittz Center. I am far and away the best digital trade show & event caricaturist you've ever seen in New York or any place else in the world. My caricature art is awesome, my rates are reasonable, my speed is amazing and my reliability is unmatched. All drawings are printed out right away on 8.5" X 11" glossy photo paper from a wireless portable photo printer. Custom, reusable backgrounds with or without client logos can be prepared in advance and printed on every drawing if requested. I can even project my caricatures or display them live with any kind of video equipment to create an unbelievable, spectacularly amusing presentation like you've never seen before. My caricature drawings draw a huge crowd & are something they'll talk about for years. If people need extra prints of their drawings, I can make them instantly. Group pictures of any number can be put together in remarkably little time. After I'm finished drawing everyone, I can give you copies of every cartoon portrait I did at your event on a CD. Check out my website to see lots of samples, prices, options, info, FAQs, I even have a cool little video about how I draw the best caricatures on Earth. I'm the only guy doing this full time in the entire US and probably better than anyone else doing anything like this in the world. For more information about & samples of what I do, please visit these web pages:

You really want to consider all the great options he offers.
917 443-8787
PS- If you're having trouble finding the website or wish to print out some info about my party caricature work, try using the links below:

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