Monday, March 23, 2009

Caricature Artist for Communions & Christenings

Communion & Christening season is now upon us! Call to book the best caricature artist for yours before somebody else does!

Kids & adults of all ages love to watch me draw my
caricatures! And, they love to take their caricatures home to hang on the wall. Everyone at the office would love to hang their caricature drawing up at work. You can even use my art on your invitations! Do yourself a favor. Please visit my caricature website. The art you see on my Caricature page does not represent what I do at trade shows, parties & events, but it's great for VIP gifts. The art you see on my Party Caricatures page DOES represent what I draw at trade show booths, parties & events. Don't blow your money on some hack, hire the best caricaturist. Now it's time to get serious about networking...
*** Join my caricature artist fan club before the free membership deal expires!

Get your own caricature drawn
by Dale Gladstone & help homeless pets!

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