Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Caricature Artist anecdote

Caricaturist, Dale Gladstone

A year or so ago, I was hired to draw
caricatures during a segment of the Tyra Banks show. That day, they ran way behind schedule & were not able to use me. Fortunately, they had no difficulty paying me for the 2 or 3 hours I spent waiting for them not drawing caricatures. Meanwhile, I had an amusing little experience:

Waiting for Tyra's people to show, I sat at the specified rendezvous point, Columbus Circle. An older couple sat next to me and saw my plastic "
Caricatures by Dale Gladstone" sign (I wanted to make sure Tyra's people would find me). The gentleman said to his wife, "Well, here we are in Columbus Circle, and here's Dale Gladstone." I said hi & shook his hand. He told me they were from LA so I mentioned how one of my pals out there is Bryan (Usual Suspects, X-Men, Superman Returns & Valkyrie) Singer. He asked me if I knew who Glenn Ford was. I said sure & he introduced himself as Peter Ford, Glenn's son. He mentioned how Warner Bros. contacted him for an old photo of his Dad to put on Eva Marie Saint's mantle in the Kent farmhouse in Superman Returns. Some of you might recall GF played Clark Kent's adoptive Dad in the 1st Chris Reeve Superman flick. PF & I had a nice chat about old movies & the book he wrote.

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