Sunday, March 15, 2009

Caricature art from photos prices

Q) "How much do you charge for your caricature art from photos?"
A) What I charge depends on a few things;
-1) What, in detail, will my
caricatures be used for?
-2) What, in detail, must be shown in the
caricatures ? (the # of people you want in the caricature drawing is one of the crucial factors influencing the price I can quote.)
-3) How soon can you get photos to me & how soon do you need this done? (How soon does your printer need my
art to meet your deadline?)
-4) Please visit
my caricature website . What samples are like what you want? The art you see on my Caricature page is more expensive than the art you see on my Party Caricatures page. Please put in writing any details I must include in the caricature. Also put in writing anything I must not include. The reason for this instruction is best explained by the following story:
Once I was asked to do a marker drawing of a man at his desk. No instructions were given regarding his attire, so I drew him in a jacket & tie. When the client saw this, they said, "Oh no, he musn't be dressed that way, no jacket & tie..." With a mar ker drawing, the only way to fix this would be to put him in a black turtleneck or do the whole drawing over again. They didn't want a black turtleneck. They finally understood why I had to charge them for 2 drawings to give them what they did want, but I wish to avoid such unhappy situations in the future. That's why I always ask clients to put their do's & don'ts in writing. Not all changes require a double fee. Some are even free. I only charge for needed changes that are not my fault. How much I charge depends on how much work is required & how much time is left to do it.

"Q-how many pics will you need?"

A- I recommend sending as many snapshots as possible and allowing me to choose what is the best reference. Of course, I'll listen to your suggestions in that regard. If you only send me the one photo you think is best, it may show a nice smile, but something like dark hair might be lost in a dark background or something. The worst photo you have with a person's eyes closed or glowing red might be the only shot where I can see what their hair or chin looks like. Another photo where they might have a big coffee mug in front of their face might be the only shot showing their eye color... so send me lots of photos so I can get all the visual reference I need to render a good likeness.

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