Saturday, May 16, 2009

Very BUSY Caricature Artist, Dale Gladstone

Caricature Artist, Dale Gladstone

I'm trying hard not to complain, but I'll be dead by Memorial Day. I'll be drawing
caricatures at 5 events from 5/21-24. I'm booked to draw caricatures at nearly twice as many gigs as usual this month.

This weekend I'm drawing
Caricatures at 2 parties. Don't forget to book Dale Gladstone for your trade show or party.

Remember to check out my caricature website. The artwork you find on my Caricature page does not represent what I draw at trade shows, parties & events, but it's great for VIP gifts. The drawings you see on my Party Caricatures page DO represent what I draw at trade show booths, parties & events. Don't blow your money on some hack, hire me, the best caricaturist. Now it's time I get serious about networking...
*** Join my caricature artist fan club before the free membership deal expires!

Have a great weekend!

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