Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Caricatures NY endorsement for (unfashionable) DEMOCRACY

Who’s correct about the money Obama accepts from OIL companies? Wait and see what dirt is dug up by the time this story is more than 3 minutes old. No one spent $30,000,000.oo investigating the Obamas yet. When Ken Star & the GOP congress tried to lynch the Clintons, the only person who got nailed was Monica. With all the tons of money Obama has raised, wherever it came from, he would have dug up a lot of dirt on Hill by now if there was any.

If the Clinton campaign has made an error hear, it’s nothing compared to robbing the voting rights from Michigan & Florida & 20 years of membership in a church led by a BIGOT like Jeremiah Wright.

I’m so sick of hearing Obama say, "I wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan." He deliberately, misleadingly makes it sound as if he was excluded from the Michigan ballot instead of owning up to the FACT that he CHOSE not to seek Michigan votes. He’s only too glad to use any excuse Howard Dean gives him, even the denial of voting rights to Michigan & Florida, victory by any means necessary.

Obama must be president no matter what the stupid voters say.

Oprah knows better how to choose our president than the damn voters do. Oprah Bless the Conveniently Exclusive 48 States of Oprahland.

Oprah forgive me if I choose to vote for Clinton or McCain to be President of the United FIFTY States of America.

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